Aston Villa’s Europa Conference League Play-off Situation Clears up

Aston Villa’s Europa Conference League Play-off Path

The confusing picture of Aston Villa’s Europa Conference League path is getting slightly clearer. First off, we know Villa will be seeded for the play-off round which will be drawn on Monday, 7th August. We also now know they will avoid Fiorentina, who are now also seeded.

Dismissed Threats

After the top coefficient rated team Juventus were banned from European competition, the Swiss team, Basel, who did have one of the top four coefficient ratings in the tournament, got knocked out of the last qualifying round. Basel have beaten Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in recent Champions League tournaments, so they possessed the pedigree to potentially give Villa some problems.

When is the Europa Conference League Draw?

The Europa Conference League draw will be made on Monday, 7th August at 1pm (UK time). However, Aston Villa supporters will get a clue into who they could possibly face in the morning. At 8am UK time, the draw will be split into four groups to make sure teams from the same country won’t face each other or teams that have geopolitical issues with each other (Serbia and Croatia, for example) are kept apart in the early stages.

The two-legged play-off ties are due to take place on Thursday, August 24 and Thursday, August 31.

See the below Tweet (or ‘X’) to get an idea of the teams Villa could face.

Where can I watch the Europa Conference League draw?

You’ll be able to watch the draw live on the UEFA Youtube channel, or follow it on the UEFA website.


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