Aston Villa’s Two Big Premier League Player Near Miss Transfers Revealed

Original Tease

Just over a week ago Aston Villa CEO Keith Wyness did a lengthy interview on the club’s website discussing various future plans for the club, but he also reflected back on the summer’s transfer window.

The main thing that stood out was the mention that Villa had, had “a couple of big names in the mix”, although he didn’t divulge any names.

“There were two big Premier League names that we were in discussions with. But it’s difficult to get things across the line,” said Wyness.

“I am afraid I will have to tease everybody with that information.”

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MOMS met Wyness at the latest Fan Consultation Group meeting before the Middlesbrough game at Villa Park, but while the Group discussed a wide range of topics, the good-humoured Villa CEO didn’t get on the subject of the summer transfer window in any great detail.

So, despite meeting the man who was trying to broker the actual transfer deals, as we discuss on the latest episode of the MOMS podcast, the identities of the two Premier League transfer targets came from overhearing a conversation on the Holte during the game.

While loose lips cost lives, the source was, lets say, very much on the level, especially in the context of the detail given.

One of the players was in the public domain as a transfer rumour story this summer. The player didn’t initially fancy it, but then their representation tried to get the deal back on with Villa.

While the other one was very much under the media’s radar and a player that Remi Garde had originally tried to get into Villa on loan a couple of years ago. When you look at the player’s situation at the end of the summer window, it seems he would have had a few options to consider. He ultimately chose to leave England.

Listen to the new podcast below to find out just who…you’re being made to work for it! It’s near the start though.



Bruce’s Individuals

Of course, as Wyness alludes to in his interview, the club inquire about and chase many players during a window and those that come in are the tip of the iceberg of those they sound out.

It’ll be interesting to see what conclusions you draw about the two players though, in terms of Bruce’s thinking.

For MOMS’ money, it’s another example of Bruce getting individuals in short-term on biggish wages, as opposed to team members who really want to play for the club and have the club’s long-term future in their interest.

While both players would have a certain ‘wow’ factor at Championship level, Villa are not in the PR industry trying to impress, they are meant to be in the promotion business.

The Villa boss has enough of those players in place at the club at moment. Two or three can add a bit of very useful quality, but without a proper core of a team that has spirit and effort, promotion would be unlikely.


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