#62.5 Aston Villa: One Game From Promotion, One Day Away From Bankruptcy


As it stands, the year 2019 stands before us as a most unpredictable year to call for Aston Villa supporters in terms of their team’s potential fortunes. The burning question, after several weeks of uncertain performances, is whether the players and supporter base can galvanise enough belief to mount a focused charge at the play-offs? Or will the club drift aimlessly into further Championship limbo?


Certainly, for overall thrills, spills and terror, 2018 will be hard to beat. If Villa can manage to fashion promotion out of the 2018/19 season, then last year’s scares will probably go down as a necessary evil.

For a belated look back at the claret and blue year that was 2018, the My Old Man Said serves up a bonus episode full of entertaining recollection of the main events of the year.

Guided by our listener’s memories and sense of humour, we look at every thing from – the local derbies that promised hope to the limp play-off final and the financial despair that was to follow.

There’s also the key singular moments from Glen Whelan’s penalty miss, that triggered the passing of the managerial guard from Bruce to Smith, to Alan Hutton Maradona-esque goal, that had us dreaming of automatic promotion and beyond.

Also, the episode looks into the keys issues of what’s to come this season, through answering listener questions.

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MOMS #62.5: One Game From Promotion, One Day Away From Bankruptcy

What better way to brighten the mood for the rest of Aston Villa’s campaign in the 2018/19 season, than a belated look back at the highlights and lowlights of the claret and blue year of 2018. From being 90 minutes away from the Premier League to the financial chaos that presented itself as forfeit for Villa losing to Fulham in the play-off final.

2018 was certainly was an eventful year for the club.

David Michael, Dan Rodgers and Chris Budd, ramp up the hilarity as they fondly look back on a year that had a full spectrum of emotions and dubious achievements. From Steve Bruce to Dean Smith, from Glen Whelan to Jack Grealish, and from Tony Xia to NSWE.

The second half of the bonus episode takes in some listener questions that look ahead to the rest of this current season and there’s the answer to probably the biggest question of the past year or so…errr, would you rather have Gabby Agbonlahor’s head on Steve Bruce’s body or Steve Bruce’s head on Gabby Agbonlahor’s body?




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Penalty clip from the AVFC Vlogger on You Tube


  1. All that yes and ONE day left to sign some players, we can talk the talk ok but that’s about it. Very dissapointing what are our management doing.

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