Aston Villa Coaching Staff Have Message for Villa Fans

Message for Fans and Something for the Weekend

In the latest Something for the Weekend episode of the My Old Man Said podcast, as well as previewing the Bournemouth game, we provide some insights to MOMS trip to Bodymoor Heath this week for a Fan Consultation Group meeting.

While at Villa’s training complex we got to speak to Villa’s Sporting Director Johan Lange, Emery’s assistant coach Pako Ayestaran and Set Piece coach Austin Macphee. So, we got a good feel of what Unai Emery’s team is thinking at the moment.

The amusing thing is there was a common through line from all the conversations we had, from Lange to Ayestaran, each of them joking/not joking wanted the Villa FCG group to pass on one message to fellow Villa supporters…

I’m paraphrasing, but essentially the message was, ‘can fans at Villa Park please be patient when the players are playing it out of the back!’

It was all good humoured stuff with one of Emery’s coaches even apologising for some of the goals Villa have conceded while they perfect getting the style of play down.

As mentioned in the podcast episode, there maybe something new in the offing from a coaching point-of-view against Bournemouth. Again, you’ll have to be patient to see if it happens (or listen to the show to get a clue to what it could be…).


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