Should This be Aston Villa Supporters’ Adama Traore Song?

Should we go back to 'I Will Follow Him' as the inspiration for a Villa fan Adama Traore Song?

He wasn’t on for long against Crystal Palace but Adama Traore gave Aston Villa fans a taste of things to come with his explosive cameo at Selhurst Park.

After Villa boss Tim Sherwood had indicated in the week building up to the game that his new acquisition from Barcelona wouldn’t be rushed into action, so Villa fans were probably not expecting to be singing his name at the weekend. When he did come on though, the short notice led to fans adapting Christian Benteke’s White Stripes inspired chant…



Lets be honest though, in a Villa context, Benteke really owns that chant and when another Villa player’s name is used it sounds like a watered down version.

As a few Villa fans have already suggested to MOMS, a better way forward could be to perhaps to replace the Sylla song, which was always a laugh, but perhaps deserved a better player, who also played more games.

Adapting it to Adama would be an upgrade…(below lyrics by Villa fans)


Adama Traore Song

“Adama, Adama, Adama, he’s too good for Barça, Barça, Barça,

that’s why he joined the VILLA! The VILLA! The VILLA!!

And that’s the way he likes it, he likes it, HE LIKES IT!

OoOoOo ooooohh, OoOoOo ooooohh”

[Barça is pronounced ‘Barsa’ not ‘Barka’]


The original chant, which Crystal Palace fans made infamous, but is also sung by Villa fans, is better known nowadays as ‘We Love You’ and is always a good atmosphere builder.


The original song though was actually a French song called ‘Chariot’ which Petula Clark’s version took to number one in France in 1962.



She recorded the song in various languages, but her English version ‘I Will Follow Him’, was surpassed by a version by Little Peggy March in 1963, with whom the English version of the song then became synonymous with.



The Adama version certainly has a few points in its favourite; Adama is the name the player has on his shirt, it has good humour with the ‘he’s too good for Barça’ and it carries on the legacy of a good-time fan favourite.

What do you think? Comment below and also add any suggestions for a Traore song too.


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  1. He’s as fast as a bolt as we sing from the Holte, that’s traoree he will beat your defence,cause he’s fucking immense that’s traoreee

  2. Different player here, and a different song, well chant I suppose. At the end of the movie ‘Rise of the 300’ they play Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ and I was thinking the lyrics “and as God has struck the hour (60 minute mark), we bring on our pace and power” then the Holte-End all bellow “Ayew, Ayew” Spartan style…. what dya think? Might do his confidence good as an impact sub around the 60 minute mark, and sound pretty good too! Has the added bonus of being a Black Sabbath inspired chant too!

  3. I agree with jc. It should be Ad-am-aaa Traore , Ad-am-aaa Traore, so before he ruins all your back four, with that boy Traore the Villa are always gunna score

  4. “Volare” probably a better fit (viz Angel, Solano) A tune reserved for our Spanish speaking yams.
    Traore, whoa oh oh oh, He comes from sunny Spain, he’s faster than Usain, Traore, oh oh oh oh

  5. I love it, (right up our street…too good for Barca , that lines fits a treat and is quaity Villa humour) I will be telling as many people as possible tomorrow in the Aston Social prior to kick off.

  6. how about his name to the tune of ‘why why whyyy delila’?
    Think it has a great ring to it, can imagine the holte enders rocking that one!

    Ad-am-aaaa Traoreeee!

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