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The original Aston Villa Good, Bad and Ugly column reflecting on Aston Villa’s footballing week

Unai Emery’s Addiction, Watkins Shocking Record and Aston Villa Suffer From Rule Change

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Liverpool One game to go and Aston Villa are a win away from Europe. Try to contain your excitement...

Opinion: Villa’s Need for Malcolm in the Middle, Carney Cash in and Preseason Verdict

The New Season Good, Bad and Ugly Nice to be back with a Good, Bad and Ugly for Aston Villa’s 22-23 season. Has it really...

Unai Emery’s Disruptors Look to the Top Six, While the Media Disrespects Them

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Chelsea and Leicester Well… Of all the pieces that will be written about Aston Villa’s week, this is the...

The Hope of Philippe Coutinho and More Bad Terrace View Vibes

The Good, Bad and Ugly Season Preview It’s been a long time since Aston Villa were even discussed in media preseason shows, but a look...

The Good Bad and Ugly Of Jack Grealish’s Move to Citeh

The Good Bad and Ugly Of Super Jack Grealish With Aston Villa’s fortunes more good and less ugly nowadays, MOMS podcast contributor Phil Shaw resurrects ‘The Good,...

No Luck About it, Aston Villa Outperform Made up Statistics in Magpie Massacre

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Newcastle If any Aston Villa fan wasn’t happy with the performance against Newcastle United, they need to get checked...
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